The Doctor

A legendary figure who brought about a new age of technologies which drastically changed the world.


The Doctor is now the stuff of legends. Discovered many things which are now prevalent and have changed the world in many ways.

The energy source psy, harvested from living minds, powers most of the world, it is cheap and available. This is, among historians who still consider it, the single greatest effect which avoided climate change in the 21st century.

Regenestatic treatments, rumors told by aging conspiracy theorists to most, the wealthiest people on earth can afford to buy their youth back.

Fravity waves, allowing a localized neutralization of gravitational waves, this technology made transportation easier, as vehicles could now ‘float.’ Most designs still utilize one or more wheels for locomotion and control. Though, flying and especially hovering vehicles are a common sight, if out of the price range of many of the masses.

  • the doctor has nothing to do with dr. who, the name was from when I was in highschool well before I became a fan. They are significantly different in a good number of important respects, among these: no tardis/time travel, human, and desired to change the course of history rather than repair it.

The Doctor

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